I have been fortunate enough to direct work all over the world.
For the past 20 years, and since the age of 12, I have been telling stories in short and long form that change perspectives and explore the power of human spirit. I love stories of the underdog, stories of the "real" unsung heroes of society.
Most recently, I was involved in the directing, writing and producing of the film Just Let Go starring Emmy Nominee Henry Ian Cusick and Academy Award Nominee Brenda Vaccaro
Just Let Go was distributed in over 400 theaters nationwide.

I am currently involved in two upcoming feature films, a television series, and a handful of short format projects.
I'm very much an autodidact when it comes to knowlege and skill. I believe in hard work and that incessant study and practice trumps talent, talent still needs discipline, and posessing both is still work.

My formal educational journey includes a Degree in Visual Art & Design / Media, a Bachelors in Marketing and a Masters of Business Administration.
I'm an active Project Management Professional, PMI certified. As a right and left brain switcher, I'm an avid believer in order, planning, and execution after a vision has been set - for as the saying goes, "execution is everything." 
I believe the best organic exploration on set is where unique story magic can happen, which is what meticulous planning gives me time to do.